At A-WALL, we’ve been sharing for years how our high-quality modular building solutions can offer you significant savings over standard construction.

Lower material costs are one key reason for these savings. Here’s another: A-WALL’s manufacturing method of constructing the building components offsite has a shorter timeline, which results in faster installation and involves a much smaller team of laborers. That goes miles toward reducing costs.

But just how much savings are we talking about? We did some legwork for you by getting standard construction quotes for a 12′ x 12′ office (a very popular structure!) and comparing them to A-WALL’s costs for the same project.

The A-WALL office quote features 8′ high vinyl wall panels, gray window and door frames, an acoustic ceiling, an electrical package, and even an A/C unit, which is not included in the standard construction project. It’s everything you’d need to set up a comfortable, functional space for productive work.

What did we find when we compared the quotes? The first standard construction quote was more than twice A-WALL’s cost! A third quote was even higher. And A-WALL crosses the finish line first with both faster lead and install timeframes.

To read more details on how quickly A-WALL projects happen and find out how much higher the standard construction quotes were, you can download the case study by completing the form below.

The case study also cover other benefits of modular construction!

Even if you’re excited about the lower costs and faster lead turnaround time, you might still have questions about whether you’d be compromising in other areas if you choose modular construction. We can confidently say you won’t be. A-WALL’s modular solutions really do check all the boxes.

  1. They look like permanent office spaces. Our standard panel is constructed of two pieces of gypsum board. It is then factory-finished with your choice of three durable, washable surfaces. Unlike permanent construction, our systems have I-studs, which blend in seamlessly once painted.
  2. Modular construction adheres to the same codes as conventional/standard construction. In fact, A-WALL’s Type X Firecode® gypsum boards have a specially formulated core that’s a superior fire barrier compared to regular drywall.
  3. You can choose the exact location of your electrical switches, outlets, and data boxes. Several devices can be installed in a single wall panel. We are the only modular construction company that offers these pre-wiring capabilities and flexibility!
  4. Our packaging and shipping are worry-free. We’ve invested significant time and money to develop a secure packaging and shipment process, and 99.99% of our systems arrive damage-free.

To learn more about how a modular office can better suit your needs, contact us here.