When choosing a new in-plant office or building for your facility, you have two options: permanent construction, such as stud and drywall, or prefabricated, modular building systems. Permanent construction is the traditional building method, but it has many disadvantages compared to modular construction.


As companies grow over time, they need the ability to expand and restructure their facilities when business needs dictate a change.

With permanent construction, there is no flexibility — the office will remain in the location where it was built. Or, if the space needs to be repurposed, the structure must be demolished with little to no recovery of the original building materials.

Modular offices like A-WALL in-plant buildings can be relocated to new areas of the facility with 100% component reusability. They can even be reconfigured into new sizes and layouts.


Standard construction is time-consuming and messy. Construction crews can occupy the area for weeks at a time, causing distractions and slowing down plant productivity. Drywall dust can also settle on nearby equipment and products.

Modular office components are prefabricated and install quickly with no mess. An A-WALL modular office project can be completed in a matter of days — not weeks — allowing your plant to resume normal operations and productivity faster.


If you choose a standard stud-and-drywall building, you must hire multiple contractors: a carpenter for the construction of the office, an electrician to install and wire the electrical components, and a painter. When you work with multiple contractors, there is more possibility for scheduling conflicts and project delays.

A-WALL modular wall panels are shipped pre-finished and pre-wired with easy-to-follow instructions and detailed drawings. Installation is fast and easy, accomplished by your team or a local installer. And with the A-WALL Flex-4 modular wiring system, an electrician is only needed to power and wire the breaker panel.


Conventional construction is considered a permanent addition to your building, so it depreciates over a period of 39 years.

Modular offices, however, are considered equipment and depreciate over a seven-year timeframe. Because the depreciation time is so much shorter, it can mean significant tax savings.

While permanent construction is a traditional option, there are also many disadvantages that come with it.

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