Modular Offices Made Easy

Fast. Flexible. Affordable.

A-WALL modular offices and in-plant buildings are easy to install, easy to relocate and easy on your construction budget. They require fewer parts than comparable building systems and the electrical devices are factory installed in the wall panels. This means your initial installation and future changes will require less time – and time is money.

Why A-Wall Modular Offices?

A-WALL Buildings and Walls are Relocatable

A-WALL offers all of the benefits of permanent, gypsum board construction but can be relocated or rearranged as needs change, with 100% component reusability.

Quiet, Fire Retardant Construction

The A-WALL gypsum board panel has sound control and fire retardant properties that rival stud and drywall walls.

Rapid Assembly Without the Mess and Disruption

All building components are pre-engineered for simple assembly. No gypsum dust or lengthy distractions to plant productivity.

Factory Controlled Quality

Every component of an A-WALL building is manufactured to rigid tolerances and systematically inspected before shipment. Project quality is not dependent on the skills of the on-site tradesman.

Significant Tax Advantage

As equipment, modular offices can be depreciated over 7 years compared to stud and gypsum, which must be depreciated over 39 years. Also, for 2018, $1,000,000 can be expensed immediately in accordance with Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code. These tax advantages can mean significant tax savings*..

*Potential tax benefits should be reviewed with an accountant or tax attorney

"When we purchased an additional coordinate measuring machine, we chose A-WALL to create our larger CMM room. The new room was assembled in a matter of days... A fraction of the down-time we would have experienced had we chosen stud and drywall construction."

-Brian Bailey
Engineer/Machine Manager
Welded Ring Products

"Our in-house installation team was impressed with the assembly instructions and detailed drawings that arrived with our A-WALL parts cleaning and assembly rooms. The wall panels and connecting components were pre-cut and marked to match the drawings. This significantly reduced our installation time. We quoted 5 other companies in this process and A-WALL was the obvious choice."

- Walt Liebler
Program Management
Skilled Manufacturing, Inc.

"After evaluating several manufacturers of modular room enclosures, we selected A-WALL for their superior product, wide variety of options and quick delivery at extremely competative prices. Their staff was great to work with, and their installers were efficient and professional. Our buildings turned out far better than we expected, and I would recommend this product to anyone."

- Seth Krem
Senior Specialist-
Welding Technology
RTI International Metals, Inc.

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