Scheduled breaks during the workday have been proven time and again to increase employee focus and productivity. They need a clean, quiet and comfortable space to take these breaks, eat meals and recharge – somewhere apart from their work environment. However, many facilities were designed without break rooms, or their break rooms have been outgrown after building expansions and staff increases.

A-WALL modular break rooms are manufactured to create a quiet, climate controlled space for your employees, regardless of the environment. The proprietary design of our wall panels and their method of connection significantly decreases sound transmission through the walls. This allows them to be located where needed in noisy manufacturing facilities and distribution centers, reducing employee walking distance and time spent traveling to and from breaks.

Your modular break room should be designed to meet your unique needs. Common break room appliances include vending machines, coffee makers, microwaves and televisions. Unlike other modular rooms that only allow on-site wiring in hollow posts at panel connections, the electrical receptacles for your appliances will arrive factory installed and wired in the appropriate wall panels of your A-WALL modular break room – exactly where you need them. Factory wired wall panels and up to 20% fewer parts than other building systems insure you a fast installation and little or no disruption to adjacent work areas.

Maintaining your break room is easy with our durable, washable, vinyl panel surface. For even greater durability and ease of cleaning, choose fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) finished AWALL panels. FRP is commonly used in restaurants and cafeterias. It’s ideal for high traffic areas where hygiene and easy maintenance is a must.

To see what common sizes you can choose from for your modular break room, click here; If you would rather work with a member of our team to create a space specifically for your needs, click here.

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