A-WALL Panels

A-WALL gypsum wall panels have sound reduction and fire retardant properties that rival stud and drywall construction. Choose the panel, wall surface and color that’s right for your project.

Wiring Systems

Two electrical wiring systems are available for your A-WALL building. Both include UL Listed switch and outlet assemblies, factory installed in the wall panels. Factory wired panels reduce your installation time and labor cost.


A-WALL buildings can be equipped for virtually any application. The Accessories page lists a variety of doors, windows, HVAC units and more for your project. Custom accessories not listed are also available when required.

Building Designs

A-WALL buildings have unlimited design possibilities. The Building Designs page offers an overview of common structure options and configurations.

Space Planning and Sizes

Here you will find helpful information regarding space planning for your A-WALL building including square footage for common office sizes based on use and structure considerations.

Air Conditioner Cooling Load Calculator

If you need assistance calculating the air conditioning requirements for your A-WALL building for your specific geographic location and task requirements, our easy-to-use calculator can help.

Light Fixture Calculator

Different tasks demand different levels of illumination for safety and accuracy of visual performance. Our light fixture calculator will provide you with the lighting requirements for your particular needs.

Tax Depreciation Comparison Calculator

Because A-WALL building systems are considered equipment, they depreciate more than five times faster than conventional construction. Use our tax depreciation comparison calculator to compare the cost of a traditional project to an A-WALL building installation.

Dealer Resources

A-WALL dealer personnel can request printed promotional material, download useful files and capture pictures from our photo gallery.

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