Architectural and Environmental Accessories

A-WALL modular offices and in-plant buildings can be equipped for virtually any application. They arrive on-site completely pre-engineered and include doors, windows, air conditioners – everything needed to complete your project.

The accessories that follow are those most commonly needed. Custom options and sizes not shown are also readily available.



Man Doors – 3′ x 6′-8″ x 1¾” solid core birch doors or insulated painted steel doors.

Double Doors – 6′ x 6′-8″ x 1¾” solid core birch doors or insulated painted steel doors.

Note: Doors are provided complete with aluminum frame, keyed lever lockset, hinges and stop.

Door Glass – 22″ x 36″ with tempered, acrylic, laminated, insulated or wire glass, factory glazed.

Door Louvers – 24″ x 12″ vision-proof, factory installed.

Door Closers – high quality, commercial grade or as specified.

Panic Hardware – key in knob or crash bar, commercial grade or as specified.

Impact Doors – various styles and sizes with painted, structural steel frames.

Roll-Up Doors – metal or fabric with painted, structural steel frames.

Removable Access Panels – used in place of doors for infrequent access to equipment in the building.



Desk Height Windows – 39″ x 44″ x 3/16″, or 15″ x 44″ x 3/16″, 36″ above floor.

Surveillance Windows – 39″ x 60″ x 3/16″, 18″ above floor.

Note: Windows are factory installed in wall panels with tempered, acrylic, laminated, insulated or wire glass.

Sliding Windows – 36″ x 38″ sliding tempered glass, field assembled in factory framed opening.

Window Tinting – factory applied film in assorted shades and degrees of UV filtration.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Thru-the-Wall Units – cooling only or with electric heat/heat pumps.

Air Conditioner Cut-Outs – factory framed openings for thru-the-wall units.

Ductless Split Systems – cooling only or with electric heat.

Ducted HVAC Systems – central systems for large office complexes.

Positive Room Pressure Systems – isolates the room from airborne dust and particulate.

Negative Room Pressure Systems – contains airborne dust and particulate within the room.

HEPA Filter/Blower Modules – self-contained units for cleanrooms and white rooms.

Electric Heaters – fan forced wall mounted or baseboard units, each with thermostat control.

Exhaust Fans – ceiling mounted with prefabricated duct and factory-wired wall switch.


Sound and Temperature Control

Ceiling Insulation – 2’x4’x6″ fiberglass batts install above ceiling tiles for acoustical and thermal insulation.

Basetrack Gasket Tape – self-adhesive foam tape seals void between basetrack and floor.

Steel Roof Deck Closures – foam inserts for sealing corrugated ends of deck at sidewalls.

Door Seals – closed cell, neoprene gasket seals door at door frame.

Mechanical & Rubber Doors Sweeps – seals gap at bottom of doors.


Optional Ceiling Components

NRC = 70 Ceiling Tiles – 2’x4′ mineral board, acoustic tiles with 25% more sound absorption than standard tiles.

Vinyl Clad Gypsum Ceiling Tiles – 2’x4’x1/2″ gypsum tiles with washable white, vinyl surface.

1.5″ Aluminum Ceiling Grid – supports gypsum tiles and the added weight of HEPA filters in modular cleanrooms.

Ceiling Grid Gasket Tape – closed cell, neoprene gasket tape provides seal between gypsum tile and ceiling grid.