Air Conditioner and Cooling Load Calculator

Air Conditioner
Cooling Load Calculator

Through-the-wall, room air conditioners provide a practical, cost-effective method of cooling your A-WALL in-plant building. They install quickly into factory prepared wall panel openings and move with the building when your needs change. Multiple through-the-wall units can be used to cool larger buildings and offer an additional advantage… Redundancy. If one of the A/C units fails, the other still provides some cooling until the problem is resolved.

Instructions for using the A/C calculator

  1. Chose your geographic location on the map and select the button next to the corresponding zone.
  2. Enter the nominal length and width of your A-WALL building in the appropriate boxes below the map.
  3. Enter the number of people who will occupy your A-WALL building.
  4. Enter the amount of additional heat load that equipment will generate inside of your A-WALL building, stated in BTU/hr. Computers and typical office equipment do not need to be considered unless disproportionate to the size of the building.
  5. Submit your data by selecting “CALCULATE” to display the A/C cooling capacity required*.

For best results, a room air conditioning unit or units with the cooling capacity rating close to that shown above should be selected. A smaller capacity unit operating continuously will contribute more to comfort than a larger unit operating intermittently.

climate zone map

  • Select a zone:

  • A zone

  • B zone

  • C zone

  • D zone
  • Length:


  • Width:
  • Number of occupants:
  • Additional heat load from equipment: BTU/hr
  • Cooling capacity

* Please note that there
are many factors besides those stated above that can effect the operation of
your air conditioning system. Some of these factors include cooling recovery in
high traffic rooms, the location of your A-WALL building relative to heat
generating processes such as furnaces, the addition of room exhaust fans and
A/C unit maintenance. The cooling capacity suggested by this calculator does
not consider these and other factors that may be specific to your project. For
assistance with unusual cooling requirements, please
contact the factory.