Tax Depreciation Comparison Calculator

Tax Depreciation Calculator

Companies nationwide find it beneficial to invest in flexible, A-WALL buildings instead of permanent, conventional construction. Unlike conventional construction, A-WALL demountable building systems are considered equipment and depreciate accordingly. This allows a company to completely write off the cost of an A-WALL project over 5 times faster than conventional construction.

What follows a tax depreciation calculator that will compare the complete, installed cost of your A-WALL project to that of one constructed conventionally. After entering the appropriate information in the fields below, you’ll be provided with a detailed schedule of depreciation and the potential savings available using A-WALL.


Instructions for the Tax Depreciation calculator

  1. Enter your company name and project title in the specified fields.
  2. Enter the installed price for the proposed A-WALL building.
  3. Enter the installed price of a similar conventionally constructed building.
  4. Submit your data by selecting “CALCULATE” to display your comparison.

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