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Pre-Engineered vs.
Permanent Construction

Gypsum Board Walls...

have been used as interior partitions for almost a century. They are durable, cost effective, easily repaired when damaged, fire retardant and have excellent sound reduction properties.

However, these walls can't be relocated, are timely to construct, increase property values and taxes and require skilled tradesmen for proper construction.

A-WALL Buildings and Walls are Relocatable

A-WALL is constructed of gypsum board yet can be relocated or rearranged as needs change with 100% component reusability.

Factory Controlled Quality

Every component of an A-WALL building is manufactured to rigid tolerances and systematically inspected before shipment. Project quality is not dependant on the skills of the on-site tradesman.

A-WALL Does Not Increase Property Taxes

Modular buildings are movable and considered equipment. Therefore, A-WALL will not increase real estate value or taxes*.

7 Year Depreciation vs. 39 Years

As equipment, modular buildings depreciate faster than permanent construction resulting in even greater tax savings*. The A-WALL Tax Depreciation Comparison Calculator provides a detailed depreciation schedule that determines specific project savings.

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Rapid Assembly... Without the Mess and Disruption

All building components are pre-engineered for simple assembly. No gypsum dust or lengthy distractions to plant productivity.

Quiet, Fire Retardant Construction

The patented, A-WALL gypsum board panel has sound control and fire retardant properties that are comparable to stud and drywall.

*Potential tax benefits should be reviewed with an accountant or tax attorney

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CMM Rooms

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A-WALL Modular Construction is 100% Reuseable! Learn More...


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