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A-WALL 400

Two Story Modular Offices

The Structural Building System

A-WALL 400 is a two-story in-plant office system that improves plant surveillance and takes advantage of wasted, overhead space. A safer building system, A-WALL 400 was designed using stringent safety factors and thoroughly tested at a leading, Midwest university.

Building assembly is fast, using lightweight, galvanized steel floor joists and simple hanger bracket assemblies. The second story floor is constructed of 3/4" tongue and groove premium plywood, ready for field applied tile or carpet. Unlike conventional construction using fabricated bar joists, all components are in-stock for quick shipment.

Structural Channel Studs Support up to 17,000 Pounds

Structural support for the upper level is concealed using color coordinated channel studs and steel reinforced corners.

A-WALL Panels Support up to 6,000 Pounds Vertical Load

Exclusive, panel design is similar to that of conventional construction and available with vinyl, FRP, aluminum, steel, Melamine or unfinished panel surfaces, suitable for custom painting on-site.

Unlimited Wiring Capability

Exclusive design allows hidden wiring in any panel, at any location using standard boxes and devices.

Meets All Major Building Codes

Exceeds all national standards governing load and deflection.

Utilize Wasted Overhead Space

Requires less than 18' of clear height.

  • Modular Warehouse OfficesTwo Story Modular Warehouse Offices
  • In-Plant Shipping and Receiving OfficesTwo Story In-Plant Shipping and Receiving Offices
  • In-Plant Engineering OfficesTwo Story In-Plant Engineering Offices
  • Two Story In-Plant OfficeTwo Story In-Plant Office with Matching Window and Door Frames
  • Modular Production OfficesTwo Story Modular Production Offices

Clear Spans up to 22'

Custom building configurations of unlimited size available as required.

Unsurpassed Quality

A-WALL interior building components carry a 10 year guarantee.

Featured Application:

CMM Rooms

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Green Alternative!

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A-WALL Modular Construction is 100% Reuseable! Learn More...


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