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Single Story Modular Offices

Two Wall Systems... Unlimited Applications

Whether you’re enclosing people, a critical process or products, A-WALL in-plant buildings can be designed to provide the acoustic, thermal and structural performance your project requires. Below are two wall “systems" that represent combinations of A-WALL components configured to meet typical in-plant building needs. However, when your project requires a special design or environmental controls, there are infinite ways to integrate these components and accessories to meet your in-plant building requirements.

Regardless of design, the average shipment of an A-WALL project is less than 10 working days after drawing approval.

A-Wall 200 Single Story In-Plant Building
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A-WALL 200 offers all the benefits of a modular office, without the modular appearance! We’ve eliminated the unsightly, hollow wiring posts found in most in-plant office systems.

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A-Wall 300 Single Story In-Plant Building
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A-WALL 300 is an extremely versatile building system, offering a choice of six panel finishes and higher ceilings. It also requires 20% fewer parts than comparable, modular building systems.

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Featured Application:

CMM Rooms

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Green Alternative!

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A-WALL Modular Construction is 100% Reuseable! Learn More...


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