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Mezzanine Offices

Make Use of Underutilized Space

A-WALL Pre-Engineered Mezzanine Buildings allow you to utilize space you already own by moving up... instead of out. The economics are simple. Overhead space is heated, well lighted and in most cases, wasted. Building A-WALL above or below a mezzanine converts overhead space to productive floor space for a fraction of the cost of new construction or signing a lease. You can also use both levels of the mezzanine to create a truly flexible, 2-story A-WALL Building.

Elevated, A-WALL buildings used as in-plant offices let you place key people and functions high above the manufacturing level. Increased productivity and safety is often the result, with improved plant surveillance. A-WALL below mezzanines offer long term storage of slow inventory, parts or records above the building with easy access using stairs, pallet gates or vertical lifts. If needs change, the A-WALL building can be relocated independently, allowing full use of both mezzanine levels. All mezzanine designs conform to OSHA standards and all major building codes.

Build Above and/or Below the Mezzanine

Build above to free up floor space, below with storage above, or create a custom, 2-story A-WALL Building using both levels.

Complete Flexibility

Like A-WALL, mezzanines are demountable when needs change.

A Variety of Floor Surfaces

Choose from plywood with tile or carpet, steel bar grating or steel floor plate.

  • In-Plant Offices on MezzzanineIn-Plant Offices Above Parts Department and Maintenance Area
  • a-wall Modular Engineering Office on MezzanineModuar Office Above Inventory
  • a-wall Modular Managers Office on MezzanineModular Managers Office on Mezzanine
  • a-wall Modular Mezzanine Shipping OfficesModular Mezzanine Shipping Offices
  • a-wall 3 Story Mezzanine Supported Office3 Story Mezzanine Supported Office

Simple Design - Fast Installation

Pre-engineered, steel components assemble easily using nuts, bolts and self drilling fasteners.

Load Capacities to Meet Any Requirement

Standard floor load designs of 125 pounds/square foot... Custom designs up to 500 pounds/square foot.

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CMM Rooms

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