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A-WALL Panels

Standard Panels

A-WALL panels are 2-5/8" thick, 4' wide and either 8' or 9' high. They can be cut to specific widths or stacked to meet the dimensional needs of your project. The standard panel is constructed of FirecodeĀ® gypsum board with a specially formulated core. It is a superior fire barrier compared to regular core board. The gypsum panel surfaces are "decoupled" by insulating ribs which reduce sound transmission from one side of the wall to the other. These ribs also create three, independent wiring cavities which are sized to accept standard electrical boxes. With A-WALL, you can specify ganged switches and outlets, as well as phone and data boxes, all in the same panel.

a-wall gypsum panel

Poly-Core Panels

An optional Poly-Core is available for buildings being located in severe environments such as refrigerated warehouses or next to production furnaces. Poly-Core increases the insulating value of the panel to R-9.

EPS Core Panels

A-WALL EPS (expanded polystyrene) Core Panels can be used outdoors or in wet environments. Typical applications are food processing plant offices and equipment wash booths, where water will be splashed or sprayed on the walls.

EPS core panels provide an insulating value of R-12. Wiring is surface mounted in conduit or Wiremold to maintain the wall's thermal properties. They are available surfaced with fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), steel, or embossed aluminum.

a-wall eps panel

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