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Single Story In-Plant Offices and Modular Buildings

Plant Foremans In-Plant Office Modular Shipping and Receiving Office In-Plant Engineering Officee In-Plant Office Interior View Modular Compressor Enclosure Modular Cleanroom Modular Conference Room Temperature Controlled Modular Cleanroom In-Plant Training Room Modular Grinding Room A-WALL 200 vinyl finished conference room with optional surveillance windows. A-WALL 300 Clean room with FRP wall finish, impact doors and 11-6 high interior ceiling. A-WALL 200 vinyl finished shipping office. A-WALL 200 engineering office with larger surveillance windows and thru-the-wall A/C-heat unit.. A-WALL 300 vinyl finished ante room with painted steel doors and steel reinforced, impact doors. A-WALL 300 cold room using FRP clad EPS panels and sliding door. A-WALL 400, vinyl finished, single story office with roof designed for 100 pounds/sq. ft. storage. Negative pressure, HEPA filtered, Process Isolation Room with 3'x3' custom loading doors isolates grinding dust from plant ambient air. Positive pressure, HEPA filtered, White Room with 10'x10' removable hatch panel controls temperature, humidity and airborne visible contamination. Modular CMM Room with High Speed Roll-up Doors. Interior View of Modular CMM Enclosure. Modular CMM Room with High Speed Roll-up Doors. Interior and Exterior View of Modular Gage Room. Prefab In-Plant CMM Enclosure. Modular CMM Room with Adjoining Quality Control Office.

Two Story In-Plant Offices

In-Plant Shipping and Receiving Offices In-Plant Engineering Offices Two Story In-Plant Office Modular Production Offices Modular Warehouse Office Two Story Modular Office Over Break Room

Pre-Engineered Mezzanine Offices

Modular Office Above Caged Secure Storage In-Plant Offices on Mezzzanine Modular Engineering Office on Mezzanine 3 Story Mezzanine Supported Office Moduar Office Above Inventory Modular Managers Office on Mezzanine Modular Mezzanine Shipping Offices

Forkliftable Modular Offices

Forkliftable Modular Office Portable Security Vestibule Forkliftable Building Forkliftable In-Plant Office Forkliftable In-Plant Offices Forkliftable In-Plant Offices

Security Guard Buildings

Modular Security Guard Booth Modular Security Building Moduar Equipment Enclosure Modular Security Booth Modular Guard Building

Modular Office Walls

Demountable Walls Modular Wall Panels Demountable Partitions Modular Walls Engineering Offices

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