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Light Fixture Calculator

The appropriate number of recessed, 2'x4' troffer light fixtures required for your A-WALL building will depend on its size and the intended application. Different tasks require different levels of illumination for safety and accuracy of visual performance. The A-WALL light fixture calculator will provide you with a suggested number of light fixtures, in accordance with the information you provide and the basis for the calculations stated below.

Instructions for using the light fixture calculator

  1. Enter the light level you require (see chart of typical applications).
  2. Enter the nominal length and width of your building.
  3. Select the appropriate ceiling/wall height.
  4. Submit your data by selecting "CALCULATE" to display the suggested number of fixtures.
Light level:  foot-candles
Length:  feet
Width:  feet
Ceiling height:
        Suggested number of 2' x 4' fixtures needed: 0

Calculations based on recessed, 2' x 4' troffer fixtures with 4 - 32 watt, T8 linear fluorescent lamps, foot candles at 30" work surface, clean environment with lamps cleaned annually, 80% ceiling reflectance, 50% wall reflectance, and 20% floor reflectance.

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