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Design Tools

Tools to help you design your in-plant building:

Building Designs

A-WALL building components can be designed to create unlimited building configurations.

Space Planning and Common Sizes

A-WALL buildings are pre-engineered to meet the specific needs of your unique application. Here you will find helpful information regarding space planning for your A-WALL in-plant building.

Air Conditioner Cooling Load Calculator

Through-the-wall, room air conditioners provide a practical, cost-effective method of cooling your A-WALL in-plant building.

Light Fixture Calculator

The appropriate number of recessed, 2'x4' troffer light fixtures required for your A-WALL building will depend on its size and the intended application.

Two-Way Length and Temperature Converter

The A-WALL Two-Way Converter provides for conversion from/to metric and US measurement systems.

Tax Depreciation Comparison Calculator

Companies nationwide find it beneficial to invest in flexible, A-WALL buildings instead of permanent, conventional construction due to the rapid tax depreciation.

engineering tools

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CMM Rooms

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