Guard Buildings

The Exterior Building Systems

A-WALL 500 Exterior Buildings are ideal as guard houses, attendant’s booths, equipment enclosures … any application that requires a durable, environmentally controlled structure. Shipped factory assembled, A-WALL 500 Buildings feature a white, embossed aluminum panel surface bonded to solid, insulating polystyrene that will bear the brunt of rain, snow and blazing sun. Aluminum connecting components are factory finished and weather sealed. Out-swinging doors are durable, surfaced with an impact resistant, fiberglass reinforced plastic.

The welded steel, forkliftable base has an insulated, 3/4″ tongue and groove plywood floor finished with a commercial, sheet vinyl floor covering. Factory wired, all electrical service is surface mounted in conduit and conforms with the National Electrical Code. Options include HVAC, Formica shelves, custom glazing and steel doors.

Factory Assembled, No Installation Required

Arrives on-site pre-assembled and wired on a steel, forkliftable platform.

Fully Insulated

Walls, roof and floor are insulated to R=12. EPS core panels connect using color coordinated I-Studs and corners for uniform insulation around the building.

Durable, Aluminum Finish

White, embossed aluminum finish inside and out for years of maintenance free service.

Insulated, Sliding Windows

Horizontal, sliding, insulated windows, located around the building for borrowed light and visibility.

Exclusive Features and Accessories

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A-WALL panels are constructed like a permanent, stud and drywall wall. However, the standard panels feature Type X, Firecode® gypsum board with a specially formulated core that's a superior fire barrier compared to regular drywall. The gypsum board panel surfaces are "decoupled" by insulating ribs which significantly reduce sound transmission from one side of the panel to the other. These ribs also create three, independent wiring cavities which are sized to accept standard electrical boxes and allow unlimited wiring flexibility. You can request single or ganged switches and outlets, as well as phone and data boxes wherever you need them. And later, you can install additional devices in the panels when needed using off the shelf electrical components.

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Both standard and poly-core A-WALL panels are shipped with UL Listed switch and receptacle assemblies factory installed and wired in the panels. You specify the electrical devices you require and designate their locations. The standard electrical package includes a main breaker panel, 2’ x 4’ recessed, fluorescent light fixtures, switches, receptacles and device boxes with pull lines for your communication and data wiring.

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A-WALL buildings can be equipped for virtually any application with a range of optional accessories.

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Sound and Temperature Control
  • Ceiling Systems

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Did You Know?

A-WALL modular offices are shipped with U.L. listed switch and outlet assemblies factory installed in the wall panels.

Factory wired panels reduce your installation time and labor cost.

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