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CMM Rooms

Metrology and Coordinate Measuring Machines

Simply stated, Metrology is the science of measurement and weights. Dimensional metrology is the measurement of the physical size of objects - length, width, height, depth, diameter - in order to determine if those dimensions meet critical design specifications. Furthermore, and much more importantly, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) not only measure and record the dimensions of objects and the various features of which they are composed (such as holes, edges, projections and surfaces) they also measure and record the 3-dimensional spatial relationship of these elements to each other.

A-WALL CMM rooms are necessary for a number of different reasons. Temperature stability within the room is often needed to control the expansion and contraction of both the CMM and part during measurement. Often, parts are stored in the CMM room prior to measurement to stabilize them at room temperature. Also, this equipment is a significant, capital investment for most companies. Placing the CMM in a room with its peripheral computer equipment protects it from unauthorized access, contamination or damage from material handling nearby. Another primary reason A-WALL customers enclose their CMM is to display it to visitors and customers as a major investment in quality control. A CMM enclosed in a climate controlled AWALL building makes a striking presentation in an industrial setting.

  • Modular CMM RoomModular CMM Room with High Speed Roll-up Doors
  • CMM Room and Quality Control OfficeModular CMM Room with Adjoining Quality Control Office
  • Modular CMM EnclosureInterior View of Modular CMM Enclosure
  • Modular Gage EnclosureInterior and Exterior View of Modular Gage Room
  • Prefab In-Plant CMM RoomPrefab In-Plant CMM Enclosure

CMM's vary greatly in physical size. A-WALL buildings that enclose CMM's will many times require higher than normal ceilings to accommodate the Z Axis. However, in some cases, the building can be designed with two roof/ceiling heights to keep the cubic area of the room to a minimum. The less area that needs to be climate controlled, the less HVAC equipment will cost. Also, with smaller size rooms, HVAC operational expenses cost less.

Gauge rooms and metrology labs are similar to CMM rooms in environmental needs but typically can be created using 7'-6" to 8'-6" ceilings. Many times, a metrology lab will include a CMM within it, but a smaller model than the one pictured above.

Component Systems, Inc. has been creating temperature controlled CMM and Metrology rooms for nearly two decades. Custom room designs to accommodate large parts or crane access to the CMM are not a problem. Temperature control specifications of ±1° F. are easily achieved using self-contained, precision HVAC units. Similar gradient temperature control specifications within the room can also be achieved using custom ceiling plenums, properly designed return air systems and more sophisticated controls. Positive room pressure and filtration can be added to isolate the CMM from airborne particulate contamination or corrosives.

Component Systems, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your CMM projects. Chances are good that your project is very similar to one done previously for another client.

Brown & Sharpe is a pioneer and leader in the field of Coordinate Measuring Machines. Their Internet web site is an excellent source of information about this technology (

Quality Online is a web site for engineers and managers responsible for test, inspection, measurement, evaluation, and documentation with additional information about CMM's (

Featured Application:

CMM Rooms

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