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Your Green Alternative

A-WALL Building Systems is your green alternative to permanent, conventional construction. Protecting the environment starts in our factory. Cut-offs and scrap from our raw materials such as aluminum, cardboard and steel are recycled. Lumber packaging materials and pallets from our vendors are re-purposed. In the office, we practice a double-sided copy paper policy, recycle toner cartridges and utilize energy saving devices for HVAC and lighting. By choosing A-WALL Building Systems, you too can reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment.


A-WALL modular offices are designed to be easily disassembled, re-used and relocated when your needs change. The A-WALL modular components from several different offices in your facility can also be combined and reconfigured to create an entirely different structure for a new application. Stud and drywall construction requires demolition that contributes to our land fills, and requires new raw materials if the objective is rebuilding in a new location.

Cleaner Air

A-WALL panels are cut to size at the factory in a controlled environment, where dust is isolated and efficiently collected. By contrast, interior construction of permanent walls creates airborne particulate within your building. This air contamination results from cutting and sanding, which degrades air quality for both tradesmen and your building occupants.

Less Wasted Product

A-WALL components are factory fabricated to the size required for each project. This means raw materials are used more efficiently. No on-site cutting is necessary, which minimizes waste.

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Recycled Contents and Fully Recyclable

A-WALL panels, connecting components, roof deck, doors and glass are manufactured using partially recycled materials. Ultimately, your entire modular office can be fully recycled.

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