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Architectural and Environmental Accessories

A-WALL buildings can be equipped for virtually any application. The optional accessories that follow are some of the more commonly requested items used to customize a building to a specific purpose.

Accessories not shown on this page can be provided from the factory or locally supplied through the A-WALL dealership. Custom windows and doors are also available on request.

Every A-WALL building arrives on-site completely pre-engineered and accompanied by comprehensive assembly drawings and instructions. No field cutting or fabrication is necessary. All fasteners are included with the exception the floor anchors, which should be sized and specified in accordance with the type of existing floor.


Man Doors - 3' x 6'-8" x 1¾" honeycomb core or solid core, pre-finished walnut, legacy or insulated, painted steel.

Double Doors - 6' x 6'-8" x 1¾" honeycomb core or solid core, pre-finished walnut, legacy or insulated, painted steel. (Doors provided complete with aluminum frame, keyed lockset, hinges and stop.)

Door Glass - 24" x 36" with tempered, acrylic, insulated or wireglass, factory glazed.

Door Louvers - 24" x 12" vision-proof, factory installed.

Door Closers - high quality, commercial grade standard, or as specified.

Panic Hardware - key in knob or crash bar, as specified.

Lever-Type Locksets - for ADA compliance, A-WALL standard, or as specified.

Removable Access Panels - used in place of a door for infrequent access to equipment in the building.


Desk Height Windows - 39" x 44" x 3/16", or 15" x 44" x 3/16", 36" above floor.

Surveillance Windows - 39" x 60" x 3/16", 18" above floor. (Windows are factory glazed in panels with tempered, acrylic, insulated or wire glass.)

Sliding Windows - 36" x 38" sliding tempered glass, field assembled in factory framed opening.

Window Tinting - factory applied film in assorted shades and degrees of UV filtration.

Electrical Packages

Factory Wired Package - contains all of the components of the electrical kit; however, switches and receptacles are factory installed and wired in A-WALL panels. An 18" pigtail is provided for field connection.

Flex-4 Modular Wiring System - U.L. listed modular connectors are factory wired to switches, receptacles and lights. Components simply snap together on-site. Wiring required only at breaker panel.

NOTE: All wiring is done in accordance with the National Electrical Code. All components are U.L. listed.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Thru-the Wall Units - A/C only or with electric heat/heat pumps, available in all sizes and efficiencies.

Air Conditioner Cut-outs - factory prepared, framed openings for thru-the wall units.

Split System Units - A/C only or with electric heat. Condenser can be located on A-WALL roof with evaporator on wall in building.

Precision A/C Units - package systems with the ability to maintain tight temperature and humidity control.

Central HVAC Systems - custom sized, ducted systems for large buildings and complexes.

Humidification/Dehumidification Systems - systems designed to meet individual environmental performance requirements.

Positive Pressure Systems - for process isolation or hazardous, explosion-proof areas.

Negative Pressure Systems - for containment of airborne contaminants.

HEPA Filter/Blower Modules - self contained units for clean rooms and white rooms.

Electric Heaters - wall mounted with fans or baseboard unit, each with thermostat control.

Exhaust Fans - ceiling, room to room or ducted systems with variable control.

Sound and Temperature Control

Ceiling Insulation - 2'x4'x6" fiberglass batt insulation; installs above ceiling tiles.

Basetrack Gasket Tape - self adhesive foam tape seals void between basetrack and floor.

Steel Roof Deck Closures - foam inserts for sealing corrugated ends of deck at sidewalls.

Door Seals - closed cell, neoprene gasket seals door at door frame.

Mechanical & Rubber Doors Sweeps - seal gaps at bottom of door.

Optional Ceiling Systems

NRC=75 Ceiling Tiles - 2'x4' mineral board, acoustic tiles with 25% more sound absorption and greater sound barrier capabilities than conventional acoustical tiles.

Vinyl Clad Gypsum Ceiling Tiles - 2'x4'x1/2" gypsum tiles with white, vinyl surface. Controls particulate and provides a positive vapor barrier.

Ceiling Gasket Tape - closed cell, neoprene gasket tape provides seal between gypsum tile and ceiling grid.

1.5" and 2" Aluminum Ceiling Grid - supports gypsum tiles and the added weight of HEPA filters without warping or bending. Available with or without gasket or gel seal.

FRP, Aluminum or Steel EPS Core Panels - used in place of steel roof deck on buildings where ceiling plenum may be used for A/C supply air. Provides insulation and a positive vapor barrier.

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