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A-WALL 300

Single Story Modular Offices

The Versitile Building System

A-WALL 300 is the most versatile in-plant building system available today. I-Studs located at the panel connections significantly reduce installation time and allow panel stacking for custom building heights. The I-Studs are electrostatically painted to coordinate with the panel finish. A full wall thickness at panel connections and corners insures consistent sound and temperature control as well as creating a uniform fire barrier for your building.

Simple I-Stud Panel Connectors

Panels install quickly without fasteners using color coordinated I-Studs.

Excellent Sound Control

Full wall thickness at panel connections and corners keep sound out... no hollow wiring posts.

Unlimited Wiring Capability

Exclusive design allows hidden wiring in any panel, at any location using standard boxes and devices.

Standard Ceilings Up to 11'- 6"

Custom buildings available with higher ceilings as required.

Mix or Match Six Durable Panel Finishes

Vinyl, FRP, aluminum, steel, Melamine or unfinished panel surfaces, suitable for custom painting on-site.

  • In-Plant Training RoomIn-Plant Training Room
  • Modular Grinding RoomModular Grinding Dust Isolation Room
  • Modular Conference RoomInterior View of Modular Conference Room
  • Modular CleanroomClass 1,000 Once-Thru Modular Cleanroom
  • Temperature Controlled Modular CleanroomClass 10,000 Temperature Controlled Modular Cleanroom

Unsurpassed Quality

A-WALL interior building components carry a 10 year guarantee.

Featured Application:

CMM Rooms

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Green Alternative!

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A-WALL Modular Construction is 100% Reuseable! Learn More...


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